which one should I let go?

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which one would u be willing to sell?

  1. black caviar jumbo

  2. beige caviar jumbo

  3. blue chevron lambskin

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  1. Ladies,

    If you have to sell one bag out of these, which one would u choose:

    black caviar jumbo
    beige caviar jumbo
    blue chevron lambskin

    Help me vote pls

    Thank you
  2. Your blue chevron should go to me! Kidding

    the beige coz it's always attainable?
    Black is the most useful, so...
  3. I would sell the black caviar jumbo. It's the easiest one to buy back later on and even if you don't want another Chanel there is no short supply of black bags in all shapes and forms from other brands. Sell the black one.
  4. I can't think clearly now. I love them all. Each are unique of its own but DH limit me to 10 bags and I have 11 :cry:
    Maybe I should keep them all and beg him to over one bag :sneaky:
  5. But they are you bags, right? Why do you need to sell one?
  6. Yes, keep them all and just beg your DH to let you keep that extra one, I am sure he will be fine! :biggrin:

    I would let go of the beige because I personally do not like light colored bag. But it's hard to buy a jumbo again because they are going to be double flap plus the price is outrageous. Just sell that point to your DH and say you are actually saving him some money now.
  7. ^ good point, Kobe! I believe he will take it!
    If you really have to choose one - black caviar jumbo.
  8. what about letting one of the other 8 bags go instead?
  9. I agree. I'm thinking the red-orange M/L
  10. IF you must pick one, the black because it's ubiquitous or the beige because it will be high maintenance in the long term.

    NOT THE BLUE!! It's a collector's item.
  11. The black jumbo. That's too common.
  12. i'd have to agree, i'd let go of the black one if you already have a black bag, if not, sell the beige.
  13. black jumbo.... it's easier to buy again if you ever want one. . .
  14. #14 Oct 21, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2010
    My DH actually asks me to sell blue chevron or this orange one too :biggrin: He is not lambskin fan
    black and beige are timeless, that's according to him. it's weird that i have all these colors but not black since ppl usually buy black first ~ that's his argument
  15. I use this argument too but I promised to have 10 bags only only :cry: