Which ONE, should I KEEP?!?!

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  1. That darn FOS got me again! Ordered two bags online...really can't keep both, budget and all! Please help me decide! Orange Spice small Phoebe

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  2. Robins egg Duffle

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  3. Orange Spice Phoebe!!
  4. Thank You! I was the one asking you yesterday what size your Phoebe was..then this morning it was on FOS! I am leaning more towards the Phoebe...but the color of the Duffle is so Spring...will let u know what I decide!

  5. That might be a sign, lol!!
    The duffle would be great for spring/summer. You can't go wrong with either bag, they're both beautiful!!
    Good luck deciding :smile:
  6. Gorgeous blue! My immediate reaction is the orange Phoebe but you can't go wrong either way. That duffle is just incredible. Perfect for Spring while the Phoebe is more of a year round bag.
  7. I know, it's killing me! Haven't seen either IRL...will have to see ! But I was thinking the same thing...Phoebe is year round! Plus I did order this wristlet in Robins egg too...maybe I'll just keep that and the Phoebe! lol ...we'll see!
    Either way! I am keeping this one! Did you see the price? It's all leather , people! Lol :P

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  8. Duffle!
  9. I vote duffle just because Pheobe is a current style and there's tons of colors upcoming to chose from, whereas legacy has been phased out.
  10. Orange spice Phoebe!!
  11. Both beautiful bags .Duffle is a lovely color for spring give phoebe back.
  12. I like the color of the duffle better
  13. The phoebe! I got it too and I've been carrying it all week.
  14. duffle
  15. Phoebe unless you have other brown bags you love.

    Otherwise duffle.

    I prefer the color of the duffle and the style of the Phoebe. But orange is so close to brown. If I had enough brown bags, I'd go for the color I don't have.

    (TBH, I have a lot of blue bags too!)