Which one should I keep?

  1. Only want one black bag and rec'd the Givenchy messenger today. SUPER hard to find this one, Liv Tyler has it and I have yet to seen this one - I tracked it down from France lol :P

    Which one should I keep? I can't determine which is more *me*.



  2. does the YSL fit on the shoulder?
    I like it better!
  3. Swanky yeah it does but not the most comfortable thing. Such a pretty ornate handle though!

    I'm thinking the Givenchy might not be me as I like more girly styles - the Givenchy is very *biker chic*.
  4. I love the shape of the YSL. That handle does look pretty mean. Do you have better pics of the handle?
  5. i like the YSL one... it looks like it can hold more
  6. I have a bag with a horn handle - I love it, I think I'd go with it because its more striking as long as you have other bags to balance out your wardrobe - it doesn't go with everything. I like girly styles better too. For biker chic, I'd just go Balenciaga black city or something.
  7. LOVE the Givenchy...go with that if you have to make a choice!
  8. Love the YSL!
  9. Oh my, is that a YSL Vincennes hobo?? If so I vote for that one... it's absolutely GORGEOUS in pictures and IRL!
  10. Givenchy for me
  11. lol of course i am going to say i LOVE the messenger!
  12. The YSL rocks!
  13. I have to admit that I prefer the YSL if I had to make a choice. I would love to get my hands on that Givenchy though - it's on my wishlist!!!
  14. My vote is for the YSL. I can't pinpoint exactly why I prefer it over the Givenchy... but I do. hehe
  15. ysl ! its a classic.. can you post pics of you wearing both bags so its easier to choose which one looks better used
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