Which One Should I Keep???

  1. I have two Spy bags, but havent used either one. They are in my closet where I can go and look at them and every once in a while take them down and touch them and put them on my arm. But I just cant get myself to use them. Is it because they cost so much or I think it might be more that I am afraid I might ruin them, and wont be able to keep them in the nice new condition. So I am thinking of just keeping one. So which one would you keep? The Acacia with the blue handles or the Cherry Corded? But every time I think of getting rid of one I cant do it. What is wrong with me? Help Please!!


  2. They are both gorgeous, keep them please :nuts:
  3. Girlfriend-If I had those beautiful bags, I would proudly strut my stuff!!! Keep 'em and wear 'em!!
  4. If I had to choose I would pick acacia, though I LOVE them both! I'm thinking it may go with more? Do you feel you are being "showy" by using them? Maybe your friends are not able to afford these bags?
  5. I like the cherry one better :yes:
  6. My friends think I am nuts! So I dont ever tell them how much I pay for a bag. I have actually had the Cherry Corded since June, it still has the tag on it fron Saks. I have only had the Acacia for about a month. I have good intentions of using them but at the last minute I dont. But I dont want to keep a bag that just sits in my closet. I thought maybe I would get a black Spy, I think I might use it more than I would these. I am just a t-shirt and jeans gal.
  7. Same here.

    Shockey: You should be enjoying those lovely bags and not have them hiding in a closet. Enjoy those bags girl! :tup:
  8. They are both beautiful, the acacia one looks great with what you're wearing in the pic.
  9. I know how you feel. They both gorgeous!

    Think it this way..which one will you carry more? The Cherry Corded or the Acacia?

    You need to start carrying these two beauty and find out which of these two makes your heart sing.
  10. Shockey, I am very much in a Jeans/casual wear environment...so i can really relate to the dilemna.

    I consider the Acacia more of a special occasion bag, one to take Out on the Town, or on a trip....

    Not sure about the cherry corded, but you can just ship that worthless bag to me, OK? :graucho:

    I find it is fun to change handbags every few days, sometimes everyday... you may find them more useful if you fill them with your things & carry them in rotation....just a thought...:nuts:
  11. Thats a great idea, though one still has the tags. Its really what you feel comfortable with. They are both awesome colors.
  12. i would keep the cherry one...why are you so scared to use them?? you should be proud of them!
  13. I am totally in love with both of them, and it would be sad if you had to let one of them go for any reason, especially this. I would really try to use them..just put your stuff in and go! I have a Versace limited edition bag that is pretty but too..stylish for me. It doesn't go with my wardrobe and I felt embarassed carrying it. But I took it with me on a trip to Europe as my main bag so I was forced to use it..after a while I got used to it! I still don't use it much but I can't bare to sell it because its unique and special. I know if I sold it I would regret it big time, and couldn't replace it. The cherry corded and Acacia are such gorgeous and unique bags, please don't let them go!

    My first thought was like baglady's.."yeah just give me those horrid bags..":devil:
  14. I love them bolth.
  15. I really really think that you should keep them both. They are both hard to find. In my opinion I think that if you get rid of either one of them you will regret it later.