Which one should I keep? The Trasporto Zucca or Campeggio?

  1. I am in a bit of a pickle..:push:.. I can only keep one and both have great placement but I dont know which one I should keep.. I love both styles of the Zucca and Campeggio, so I don't know which one I should keep. I was thinking since its a bag with a travel theme I should keep the Campeggio because I can use it more for travel. But I don't know.. Trasporto looks really cute on the Zucca too.. eeeeeekk.:s. Which one should I keep? lol thanks ladies...:upsidedown:
  2. Hmm, I love them both, but I say Zucca, because a campeggio would be cheaper to come by if you decide you can't live without one later.
  3. Like airicci said, keep the Zucca, the campeggio seems easier to come by than the zucca IMO. Zuccas tend to cost more than the campeggio at time. I'm more of a over the shoulder bag girl than over the body type as well. So depending on your style on which seems more practical to better suit your lifestyle, it could be either or, which I know you're having trouble with deciding. If you're the over the body type, go for campeggio ^^;;
  4. i would say campeggio because you can use as a travel bag, hence the name trasporto...but they are easier to come by, where as zucca's aren't
  5. if i were you, i'll choose the zucca =)
  6. Can we see photos of each? It's hard to pick without seeing the placements.
  7. My vote goes for the Zucca.
  8. I would say to keep your zucca. They are really hard to come by and the Transporto looks really good in a Zucca!!
  9. I like this print in Campeggios better. :shrugs:
  10. I would go with the Zucca because it's a rare style to find in any prints.
  11. Here they are...:smile:


  12. the zucca definitely, the balloon is smack dab on the front
  13. they are both very cute!
    i really was never a campeggio girl..but i love the way trasporto look on the campeggio.

    on the other hand, the zucca looks so adorable!
  14. I vote for the Campeggio.
  15. I prefer the campeggio with this print.