Which One Should I Keep - Sage or Plum?

  1. I just got both my Mahalas - one in plum and one in sage. I got lucky and got both on sale. They're both beautiful but the sage is neutral and could go with alot of things but the plum is sooo eye-catching! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!




  2. Hmmm... that's a tough decision. I have the Sage and am on the fence about it, too. Although honestly, I think I would use that more than the Plum... Although the Plum is more eye-catching. Why don't you keep both?:p

    Well, if you return the Plum, can you PM me? (Honestly, I would say keep the Plum).
  3. I had a similar dilemna before and returned the Sage. I think the Plum is much prettier and stunning than the Sage. The color just seems richer and more uniform. Although the Sage is pretty as well, there's something about it that isn't quite as perfect. If it's feasible I would keep both but if you can only keep one then I vote for the Plum. You can use then for different outfits. Let us know what you choose.
  4. I like the plum better, but it depends on the colors you like to wear. I like the pop with the plum.
  5. Thanks Bonnie and Halunfishie - I just love the plum and it is an eye-catcher. I keep going back to my "practical side" thinking which one would I wear the most!
  6. Keep the plum!
  7. I would be the same way... but with JC bags, I think you need to go all out with the :nuts:"wow" :nuts: factor. Especially with the price tag on those bags (even at the sale price).

    The Sage one, as practical as it is, doesn't look as unique as the Plum. I would rate it as more of a $250 bag, honestly:s (okay, eggs coming my way LOL). But it does go with everything, especially for the Spring.

    So my personal dilemma with the Sage is, do I keep it because it was a great-priced JC bag, or return it because it doesn't look to be 'worth' $750...

    Good luck, I would be thinking EXACTLY as you are if I had both... But if I had a choice and had to return one, I'd still keep the Plum.
  8. Well heck starbuxxx, if you were practical you wouldn't have bought either. With these bags it is all about the emotion.

    I say: PLUM :choochoo: PLUM :choochoo: PLUM
  9. Okay - I had to laugh out loud JBurgh. You're absolutely right and I think I will keep the plum!

    My coworker said to me today after they were both delivered - don't you think your bag obsession has run it's course - you can only have so many bags. I thought are you crazy - I just started!
  10. Bonnie - good luck on your decision. If you're looking for a plum - keep you're eye on Saks.com - I got mine last week on a fluke when one appeared and I impulsively hit buy.
  11. :tup::tup:

    Well put!

    I refer to that as my "Choo bag buzz" - Better than drinking and less calories than chocolate!
  12. oh forgot to mention ...I'd definitely keep the PLUM!!!!!!!!!
  13. Starbuxx.. one more big vote for the Plum!! ;) It has more character than the Sage. To me, it is not just about the wow factor. Usually if I am torn between colors - what I prioritize is a more unique color that is very well made. And not a lot of brands can deliver that Plum. Sage is unique in itself. (Okay, I'm confusing you now..) Ok- bottom line Plum! Then again, this just also IMHO. Glad to hear you're keeping it!!
  14. Starbuxx -- I definitely vote for the PLUM! :tup:

    It is an instant eye-catcher, head turner and just has a lot more pizzazz than the Sage. Don't get me wrong, the sage is pretty, but it is missing something. The Plum just has more of a wow factor to it.
  15. Hmmm...I'm glad I'm not in your shoes! I'm not sure I could decide!