Which one should I keep? Magneta purse or box?

  1. Hi i have a problem..... My other half doesnt see the need for two bbags in the same colour even in different styles. As i have been spending like crazy recently he has insisted one goes!!! I have a magenta purse and a box. Both are mint (box never used) purse has been used a few times. I am so torn and just cant decide between them. I currently have a french blue twiggy and an apple green twiggy and a bgum city and I have a aqua giant hobo on its way to me!!!!:yahoo: . Which do you girls think i should keep, whats more flexible? Help.... xx
  2. Christel, I would go with the style you use the most! For me the Purse style is more wearable, I do like the box style but I prefer carrying BBags on my shoulder! Good luck with your decision!!:heart::heart:
  3. Hey thanks that was maybe what I was thinking. I like to wear a bag on my shoulder which is why I bought the Giant Hobo!!!!!
    I love the look of both styles as I love twiggys!, oh god why cant he let me keep both!!! lol
  4. I know how you feel my BF is starting to worry because I am running out of wardrobe space for my BBags....:yes: Try persuade him that both bags have different uses!! The Aqua giant hobo sounds fabulous though!! That will be a great shoulder bag!!:yahoo:
  5. :yes: ITA!! 100%
  6. Ditto! I have a magenta box and love it, but would carry my magenta more if it were a purse:yes:
  7. I say keep the magenta purse! I love that color and style combo!
  8. Definately the purse. I am not a huge fan of the box style.
  9. I love box style but for magenta, I have to say keep the purse. Purse is a great style for striking color such as Magenta.
  10. Thank you girls for your help!!!!!!
  11. If you are only keeping one Magenta, I would go for the bigger one that you can carry on your shoulder.

    Although, the box is a lovely style and probably looks fab in Magenta.

    Forget it, I am no help. :confused1:

    Good luck:smile:
  12. box
  13. Can you post pics of them?
  14. I would keep the Purse
  15. the magenta purse is a keeper :yes: