Which one should I keep? Bordeaux or Chocolate Camila

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  1. I'm curious as to which one you think I should keep. I need to return one to the store.
    The bordeaux is really nice and I got it for much cheaper than the Chocolate - however
    I love the chocolate color!! I got it on sale and was so happy to find it. I'm just thinking that I probably shouldn't keep 2 of the same bag in 2 different colors. What to do - keep both ? Keep one - which color? thanks
  2. Do you have pics? They would be very helpful :yes:
  3. Keep the one that you love and will use the most (which sounds like the chocolate, but I can't be sure).

    But, I agree, pictures will help us decide if you're still not sure.
  4. Do you have another bag in Bordeaux? If so, then definitely keep the Chocolate. I think the Chocolate in the Camilla style is stunning. But if you don't have any other Bordeaux bags, I think you have to have at least one in this color!

    Either way, you really can't go wrong. I wish you could keep both!