Which one should I get?


Which speedy should I get?

  1. Multicolor (black)

  2. Perfo (fuschia)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Multicolor Speedy (black)
    Perfo Speedy (fushcia)

    Help me decide! :yes:
  2. perfo speedy in fuschia!!!!!!
  3. Perfo Speedy In Fuschia!!!
  4. MC speedy all the way!!
  5. MC speedy, for sure. LOVE IT!
  6. Perfo Speedy (fushcia)
  7. MC speedy all the way!!
  8. MC Speedy got my vote!
  9. perfo!!!!!!
  10. Mc!
  11. MC speedy!!! Although i love Perfo, but i can't help to imagine what will happen on raining day when the alcantara lining gets wet, will it stain the contents w/it's dye? sry i didn't mean to scare you, but can any MC speedy owner tell me i just think too much?
  12. MC speedy black.... :nuts:
  13. Mc!!!
  14. I'm no help, I like both.
  15. MC speedy!