Which one should I get

  1. I can't decide on which one to get I want both but I can only get 1.
    Should I get the Mono Lockit Vertical or the Speedy 25. Which is better?
  2. I like the speedy better with patina on it - the lockit is cute - but when I've seen it with darker patina, I don't like it as well. I love a speedy with honey colored patina. I also like that it's not so hard and structured. But the lockit is a cute bag.
  3. speedy is timeless. and more useful...
  4. They are both nice bags; if you don't have a speedy yet, I'd get that one.
    Otherwise the lockit!
  5. Lockit! Bigger and not as common as the speedy.
  6. speedy = classics but EVERYONE and their mom has one.

    lockit = i don't see many. i think it's a classy bag as well.
  7. If you don't have a speedy, get the speedy. Otherwise, I think the lockit is so cute, but you have a vachetta bottom to worry about. I would love to own the lockit. I'm absolutely NO help when it comes to deciding between 2 mono bags.:p
  8. Speedy...the Lockit's vachetta bottom is a pain in the butt!
  9. dont fancy the lockit V, maybe just the lockit would be nice.

    Otherwise based on those two the speedy
  10. LOCKIT for sure!!!!
  11. speedy! No vachetta on the bottom to worry about!
  12. I like the lockit.
  13. I'm a little biased because my hubby just bought me the Horizontal Lockit for Christmas, but I like the Lockit better. I see so many speedy bags around. The Lockit is more unique.:smile:
  14. While I love both bags, I'd vote for the Lockit Horizontal. It's a little bit smaller than the vertical but still can be used as a hand or shoulder bag. Although, others do make a good point about the vachetta on the bottom. I guess I'm no help :o) But, whichever you choose, you'll love! Good luck.
  15. Lockit. I'm not fond of the Mono Speedies. JMHO.