Which one should I get...?


Over the rainbow~~~
Apr 13, 2006

After seeing alot of photos of beautiful Evelyne bags on this board, I wanted one, too! I talked my SA, and I mentioned that I wished that the strap could be adjustable, and if it was leather...

She recommended Trim instead! I love the look of Evelyne, but I really want a bag something that can be fit under my arm! A kind member here advised me how to make the strap shorter with a twilly and a scarf;)( love that idea:heart: ) , but I want a bag that fits under my arm without try to alter(?) the nature of the bag.

I thought my dilema ended already! I was all ready to buy an Evelyn bag! Now I end up not buying any (YET) to think about it for a might or two... WHAT SHOULD I GET!:hysteric: Now I am in bigger dilema. It used to be just size and color dilema among Evelyne, now it became among two bags, colors AND size! Oh, HW, too!

HELP!:sos: With your guys' advice, I can never go wrong!:P :love: Thanks!
Aspen, I don't know what you look like but from your descriptions of your style in the past I would say you're a Trim lady!
IMO the absolute classic in Trim bags is the toile/leather combination - it is drop dead gorgeous. Wouldn't that be something for you?
I want an Evelyne too! I'm sure that at some point, I WILL get one, but that won't happen without my getting them top 6 bags first ... I think Evelyne is great for a casual day out, Trim seems a little dressier. Trim is something that I would wear if I'm wearing a dress or going to work. I can totally see myself wearing Evelyne to Disneyland!:wlae:
Aspen Boston had that exact combo - the toile/barenia as the SA showed me (for my birkin combo to look at)...I love the trim for a shoulder bag - although I don't really use one any longer myself...
Aspen, the Trim and the Evelyne style, in my opinion, are entirely different.....like two very good friends with differing personalities. You could have both and not feel like you are duplicating.

But, you may prefer one over the other and I feel it's up to you to play with several ( can you do that??) and decide.

I find the Evelyne to be huge! I don't know why...even in the PM....it just seems big and bulky to me even though it is a gorgeous style....and it's not any bigger, really, than my Kellys that I wear with a shoulder strap. So, go figure:smash: as I don't know why I feel that way....

But, the Trim can be dressier than the Evelyne and I prefer it.....so, I vote for a Trim for you.....( but, it's ultimately up to you )
Aspen you should not get the evelyne if you don't like to alter the original style of the bag; because when you tie a twilly or scarf on the straps of the evelyne the straps are some what wrinkled and it might bother you. It sometimes bothers me (the messy straps) but I also don't like to use the evelyne as a messenger I prefer tucked under arms also.
I think you'ld look superb with a trim :smile:
i think evelyne is very casual, i think you might like the trim better. what about etoupe? i saw a woman carrying an etoupe trim at NM and it was really pretty!
i'm with GF on this one the massai is the combo of the two. i have both the E and the Massai. though the massai GM is a really large bag, the PM tucks under your arm and is a tad sportier than the trim...though im lusting for a swift trim at the moment.....
Aspen, I suggest you try on the Evelyne, Massai and Trim at the store to see which style fits you best. I've got narrow shoulders so shoulder bags tend to slide off easily. Although I prefer the look of a Trim, the Evelyne suits my body shape more.