Which one should I get?

  1. In the beginning I was considering the black epi or red vernis cles, but some of you guys say that you can't fit much in. :sad:

    So now these are my options (or feel free to convince me otherwise :P ):

    Monogram Canvas Key and Change Holder

    Monogram Canvas Multicles Rabat

    Monogram Canvas Mini Pochette Accessoires

    (all pics courtesy of eluxury.com)

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. i like the Multicles Rabat :yes:! it's not as common as the Cles, which apparently EVERYONE has :blah:
  3. I'd get the multicles rabat!! it's so cute and no one else has it!! It's so unique!
  4. Omg I've never even seen the multicles rabat! Am I just a noob or is this a new style? I'd definitely get that! Looks very unique!
  5. its a new style that just came out this month. its so cute and funtions like a cles but wider
  6. oooh i love the multicles! it looks so classy and simple! is it about the same price as the monogram cles?
  7. it's $210. the regular cles is $150
  8. i'd get all of them!!!
  9. ITA!
  10. Mini pochette!
  11. I have the Monogram Canvas Key and Change Holder ... I only use it when I use my Bosphore and want to go very light.... I can get some $, credit cards, DL in it to use as a tiny wallet...but it's tight. If I was going to get another like this I'd go for a little bigger.
  12. multicles rabat is too cute!
  13. mini pochette
  14. I looked at the rabat here in aus (it is $285 before the price increase on THURSDAY HERE:crybaby: ) and it is cute but not as big as you think. I vote for a groom cles:love:
  15. The multicles rabat is very cute. I have my eye on it.
    The mini pochette is very functional and holds much more and can be used as a wristlet.
    Not much help, was I? :girlsigh: