Which one should I get?

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  1. I really like the lovely neutral Cement Grey if that blue jean rub won't bother you on the lower back. But you really can't go wrong for either of those prices. can't wait to hear what you decide:tup:
  2. The Grey looks really nice in the photo, but pale bags show wear - are you sure you won't be bothered by the marks, dye stains and used handles? The rust one might be safer... it isn't a bargain if you don't like dirty handles & stuff...
  3. I would go with the Greige. Grey bags are scarce and it's a beautiful color. AND it's so easy to wear! Although there's a jean transfer, it's CHEVRE! The price is fantastic, too.

    The rust would be a little hard to wear, IMO. If you go with the Greige, (no guarantees, but) you MIGHT be able to get the stain off if you send it off to LMB or with some kind of product. Good luck making a decision! :smile:
  4. Go for the Rouille! It's a beautiful and more Rare color...there always seems to be another Grey!
  5. Rouille gets my vote. I have a rouille city and wear it with a ton of things. I think the grey will just get dirtier and show the wear more as time goes on and not in a pretty way. The darker greys wear in so much better.
  6. I vote for Griege! :nuts:
  7. I much prefer the Griege over the Rouille :smile: ....it's neutral and a lovely color, but as other posters have said, it is a light color so it will show wear easier. If the denim transfer bothers you, I know LMB sells cleanser products that will removed the transfered dye. Which color do you think will fit better into your wardrobe?
  8. I vote for Griege as I just love grey leather :graucho:
    That said, it is a delicate colour and it will show wear easier. If it had been a City it would have been a very easy choice for me. Perhaps because my Day bag is my "take everywhere/non-babying" bag so I'm glad it's in a dark colour.
  9. cement get's my vote, love the color and the price is very good too
  10. I think I am leaning more toward the cement color. The denim transfer doesn't bother me so much since it's in a spot that's not so noticable. I was also thinking of sending it off to LMB. But I still think it's in pretty good condition.
    For those of who own the rust, what colors do you wear it with? I have a lot of greys browns blues and purples in my wardrobe.
    Thanks for everyones responses! I really apprecaite it. :smile:
  11. For color, I like the Greige, but the discoloration and handle patina would bother me a lot. The rust is pretty too and looks to be in better shape. If you buy the Greige, then I would definitely factor in a trip to LMB,IMHO.
  12. the greige
  13. rust....such a pretty color!
  14. Personally I would go for rouille - I have this exact bag and I love it! Its one of my most-used bags :love:.