which one should i get?

  1. black first or grey city or olive city ....?
    i want a neutral color since i already have magenta and rogue vif, and have blue india on the way.
    if you girls have any other suggestions, let me know.....
  2. After Magenta:love: , Rouge Vif:supacool: and before Blue India:drool: , I'd go for a very classic and neutral black first:yes: !!
  3. i'd go for olive city.
  4. grey city or black first
  5. I'd go for gray/greige as it's a very easy to match.
  6. i love the black first..it's timeless and versatile
  7. Black first!
  8. Greige/grey city... beyooootiful!!:yahoo:
  9. definitely a black first...you need one classic balenciaga piece in there.
  10. A grey city has my vote!
  11. olive city!
  12. Grey city! I love that color!
  13. ^^ ditto :tender:
  14. the black first! :biggrin:
  15. black first! you'll always need a staple bag in your collection