Which one should I get?

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  1. I admit, at first, I hated these bags...but, they are totally growing on me since I saw one IRL last night.

    So, which one should I get?


  2. I like the red one!
  3. red one!
  4. i prefer the shape of the blue one.
  5. same:yes:
  6. SuLi, these bags are totally growing on me too -- I find them pretty cute now. =) The red one looks long, the blue one looks well proportioned. Which shape do you like? I am very petite so I can't carry bags that are too long, I would choose the shape of the blue one for myself. =)

  7. Oh so cute. I would do the red
  8. Those are hysterical but cool! I like the blue one better!:yes:
  9. I´m waiting for my red one. I like both of them though.
  10. I'm torn because I feel like I like the shape of the blue better (I'm 5'3"), but like the print on the red better.

    I think I'm leaning towards the red...nothing like a cute red bag, right?
  11. ^^^
    I agreeI like the shape of the blue better as well, but yes the print is cuter on the red bag.
  12. Would like to see these in real life. Have to wait for Nola's pictures for now. =)
  13. I ended up buying the bag in red!

    I'll post pictures tomorrow. So far, I really dig it...totally cute! It was really comfy to carry while I was touring the remodeled National Portrait Gallery today.