which one should i get?

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  1. i'm in love with these bags, but i can't buy all of course :p i'm not a millionaire

    the marais looks really great, and i kinda like the leather but i don't think i can justify to pay this much yet for a bag (about 3000$) :p
    so, i think i'll pass on this one for now

    now my option down to two, which one do u think i should get?
    i like both about as much
    the biarritz tote (the right one) seems like a low maintenance bag and it's not too flashy as a chanel too

    the caviar tote bag is about 300$ more than the biarritz, i love the caviar leather on this bag, i think it look like my coco cabas' caviar leather.
  2. I like the caviar tote bag. Its $300 more but you forgot to include tax... heehee
  3. I love the Le Marais best...but my second choice (since you're passing on the Le Marais) would be the Paris Biarritz tote.
  4. Sea, knowing your love for the Cabas, I think the caviar bag will suit you the best. Also because this is a shoulder bag and the Paris-Biarritz is more difficult to wear on your shoulder.
  5. cudaswifey, yeah tax LOL

    karman, i also love the marais a lot :sad:

    beauty LOL it seems like u know me well :smile:
    yeah, i think the caviar could be more "me" too :p
  6. Oooh yeah...good point. When I tried the Biarritz tote in the store it was so a hand-held/crook of arm bag for me. :sad:
  7. oh noooo, i just found this lv too online LOL
    it's the PM (small size) but i'm not sure if it's cute or tacky.
    i like this bag, but would this look tacky?
    btw it's woven leather not plastic :p
  8. I saw that too, personally I'm not a huge fan of that LV...maybe if it was the gold/white one. Stick with the Chanel ;) :p
  9. I like the marais best then the biarritz. If you like the caviar skin, have you thought about the GST or timeless tote?
  10. yeah, i've thought about the GST or timeless too, but i found the style's too "stiff" for me :p
    i'm a converter from balenciaga LOL so i like slouchiness :roflmfao:

    karman, the size is what bothers me on the LV though, i try to avoid anything PM LOL
  11. Sea I love the biarritz best .Very good quality for a non-leather bag and far too elegant IMO.I like the tote most but if you need to have your hands free /travelling etc then I'd say the hobo:yes:
  13. LOL thanks girl... i love how u put the words :p

    well the truth is... i love the caviar on my coco cabas a lot! but the full on chain strap kinda hurt my shoulder when i carry it for a long time.

    what i like about the tote is that the handle is not full on chain

    and yes i agree the biarritz is VERY elegant, i'm 29 but i always look and dress younger than my age, my clothing style is more rockin'. even though when i wear feminime dresses, i tend to layer with something still "rock" or pair with a slouchy bag.
    so i think the biarritz would upgrade my look sometimes LOL

    but i do need a lot of my hands :p
    i work as a stylist and most of times i have to go from one places to another to shop and carrying lots of stuff with me, browsing clothing racks would need both of my hand too
  14. the hobo biarritz is much more carefree looking than the tote but anyway I can see what your heart goes too hehe!
  15. LOL, come and tell me please ;)
    i "think" i know where my heart goes too, but still need more reasoning LOL
    don't wanna go too spontaneous ha ha ha