Which one should I get?


which one should I go for?

  1. small matelasse in sienna

  2. shoulder or make up in black

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  1. Ok everyone,

    Which one should I get and why? I decided a new b bag is on my list for the near future and I have my eye on two:

    small matelasse in sienna
    shoulder or make up in black

    Yes, these are two totally different bags, and no, I can't get both:crybaby:.

    So, considering I want a smaller bag AND that I can track down one or both, which one and why?

  2. matelasse gets my vote. I have two mediums, great bags.
  3. What would you use it for primarily? I think of the shoulder or makeup as a going out at night/party bag. The matelasse is dressier IMHO but would also work during the day. If I had to chose I think I'd get the matelasse - I've seen it on some celebrities lately and it sure looks good! Check out SJP in the celebrity photo section.
  4. The MU is perfect because you can use it every day inside your bigger bags and during the evenings as a clutch. Good luck!
  5. Matelasse!
    I wasn't a matelasse lover till i saw mine in the boutique, and i felt in love at the first sight it's a great looking bag, and a bit different from other bags. Plus sienna it's a lovely colour
  6. As for what would i use the bag for? I don't have a particular need right now, aside from wanting a smaller bag. I know these bags are very different--but I like them both and know that I would have a use for each... just can't decide which would make me happiest!
  7. I have the Sienna matelasse PM and she's great, so I vote for that, I think the shoulder is too small/has a too short shoulder strap, and the makeup I don't have a use for/no clutch life either. So there you go :smile: