Which one should I get...?

  1. The damier or the monogram Cles...?

    I know it's a small purchase but still unsure.

    I had the Damier Parioli and Pochette Cosmetique and sold those....didn't use it too much. I currently have the Framboise Vernis Agenda that I've been using as my wallet but will occassionally use a Coach Mini Skinny for quick trips out.

    I got a promotion last month and thought I should treat myself to a little LV as a reminder of my hard work.

    We've had to cut back on my spending since my DH opened up his own law firm last year (it's been a year now) and any money he made went back into the firm...but business is picking up so good for him and me. Maybe it will be so good that he'll buy me a bag one of these days on his own w/out me telling him...yeah right.
  2. If I had the choice I would choose the Damier :smile:
  3. I too would go Damier. Let's see pics when you purchase.
  4. I choose the Mono over Damier for my first one, When it is a small amount of the mono on my keys I love it!
  5. I'd get Damier... I have a thing for Damier right now. :p
  6. Maxiemoo, congrats on your promotion and on your husband's success. And another bravo for not spending boatloads of bucks on LV when you needed it elsewhere!

    As for the cles... you didn't say what handbag you carry, or what LV you are looking forward to getting in the future. That might make the difference for me.
  7. As of now...I switch purses every other day...I mostly carry solid colored totes or satchels... (Coach, Kenneth Cole). Occassionally, I'll throw in a leopard print bag for fun. I'm not positive what I want in the future... thinking Cabas Piano, Popincourt Haut or the Damier Speedy ...I'm all over the place w/this....ha! I think I'm leaning towards the Damier cles.
  8. I like the Mono.
  9. Yeah, I'm thinking you should get the mono cles, can't go wrong with a piece of mono!
  10. mono cles
  11. I'd say damier AZUR! It's so fresh and pretty! But if you're not an azur fan, then just regular Damier, because it's so different. I love Damier.

    And hey-- NO LV purchase is a small purchase!
  12. Damier!!!!
  13. Congrats on your promotion, you totally deserve a LV. I would go with the Mono. Maybe you can go in and try both on with Mono and Damier Speedys. If you think you are going to get a Damier Speedy, then get the Mono cles. If the other way around, then get the Damier cles. Good luck with your search.

    BTW, if you are going to get the Demier Speedy, then try on the Azur cles, it looks sooo good on it.
  14. I'm a mono lover or azur!
  15. Mono or Azur for me, too!!!!