Which one should I get??

  1. hey all! these 3 are authentic... i would love to hear some opinions on these! which one should i get?~ thanx heaps!
    3c89_1.jpg DSC01023.JPG bv%20front%20form.jpg
  2. or this one
  3. I like the pink flap. Not crazy about the other two.
  4. Think this is the east wet caviar. It's a bit small IMO.
  5. If you don't have a black Chanel, I'd get the black classic in the last pic. If you do, I'd get the pink.
  6. east west! lovely bag!
  7. i like the pink one!
  8. does anyone know how much the pink one retails for?
  9. seller wants $1700 for this one
  10. all med. caviar retail for 1995. as to your OP, i am really into e/w lately, so i vote for the blk e/w
  11. I would say the black or the pink . . . I would worry about the materials on the other 2 - velvet? For me, too prone to injury! :sad:
  12. pinkpinkpink!
  13. I'd go for the pink or the black.
    I think you can get much more use out of them.

    That black one is not an E/W, but a medium flap.
    It has a double flap:
  14. I like the fourth one the best.:smile:
  15. I vote pink :p I don't like the other materials... and you can always get the black anytime.