Which one should I get?

  1. I vote for the blanc double-zip paddy, so adorable! :yes:
  2. Oh boy! That's tough because they are all GORGEOUS!!!
    I think #1 would have to be the winner. It is more unusual and so stunning. The others just seem more average (in the mildest sense of the word).
    I say get one of each!!! LOL
    Good luck!
  3. I have heard some concerns about BF, and that Diabro is more reliable about having authentic bags.
  4. #1! All gorgeous though, any one of them would be good.
  5. Hmmm... I'm concern about this too, but I bought a Prada wallet with them and it was authentic. My dilemma is that I want a want purse. I always wanted Meddium paddy, but BF has such a good deals....Ahhhhh... What to get? This is will be my first Chloe.
  6. I love the first one!!
  7. My vote is for the 2nd one!
  8. The second one for me - the regular paddy in Blanc :yes:
  9. I love the 2nd one the most! GOrgeous!
  10. I am new here, so I am not aware of BF concerns. Is there a link or something about this? Thanks.

    And my vote is for the 2nd one.
  11. I vote #1. It's very cute and not as common as the other two( although they are cute too). I bought a chloe wallet from BF and it was authentic.
  12. It seem a lot of you like the 1st one. But after Pamella mentioned BF sells fakes, I'm kinda worried. Anyway... I need more vote or concerns about BF. I'll wait till tomorrow, then order. So.. help me out, gals!
  13. I just ordered a Chloe from BF last night, now I am worried.