Which one should I get?

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  1. Okay so I've run across two great bags... I want to buy both of them buuuut I only have money for one at most... so which one do you think I should get? I hate not having enough money... technically I could charge them both but I'm not supposed to be charging right now :crybaby:

    Signed Citta Rosa Buon Viaggio- $160 shipped

    Plus Points: I wanted a Citta Rosa, Simone Signed it! and since they said he cancelled at riverside and he's getting way more popular now I'm not sure when I'll get to see him
    Minus Points: I already have a citta rosa braccialetto and I'm eyeing a denaro plus I'd either have to pay $160 or hope that it doesn't end for that high


    Foresta Mamma Mia- $108 shipped
    Plus Points: It has amazing placement IMO, and the price is way cheaper than the signed citta rosa
    Minus Points: I have a foresta bambinone already


    Also, I'm thinking about just making another forum all together so we can buy/sell since some people are having problems with yahoo... what do you guys think and any name suggestions? :graucho:
  2. Tough decision either way. Both are great bags!

    I think I would go with the citta because Simone signed it.

    The foresta has great placement though.

    I know I'm not much help, lol!

    I think you should name your new forum "Tokidoki addicts anonymous"! :nuts:
  3. I would go with the citta rosa since it's signed and you don't have a citta rosa bag yet. Although, the foresta is a really great price, would you use it since you already have a bambinone?
  4. I guess you could go with the citta. You already have a foresta bag that has a long strap. So maybe go with citta.

    hmm. . .That would be good to have an other forum. People don't seem to be responding much to the yahoo one. I have a couple bags I wanted to sell, but no one is responding.
  5. Humm... I think everyone is leaning toward the citta rosa :lol: I'm going to contact her and see if I could get it a little lower...

    Do you think it'd end pretty high considering it's signed?

    Also... how does Tokidoki_AA sound for the username of the board :lol:
  6. yUP, I'm with everyone else. Get the citta rosa.
  7. You already know what im going to say :lol: foresta all the way!!! yeah! :lol: thats even a great price too!!! gee if you dont want it maybe you should tell juicymario about it...i know shes looking for a foresta mamma mia!

    i love the citta rose as well..especially the drawing of the doggie!! hmmmmm why not get both :graucho:
  8. haha don't tempt me... I'm already really tempted... but I really really don't have money right now :sad:
  9. Citta rosa - the doggie is cute!
  10. At first i thought it was apart of the bag! :lol: I :love: that dog!
  11. Thanks vmasterz!!! Where's that Mamma Mia, on evil-bay??? I am going :nuts:

    No Sandy & monkeys :sad:
  12. Idk wheres that mamma mia, tehlilone didnt mention it?? Goodluck on finding one with sandy and monkeys..those are hard to come by. I'll keep a look out for you.
  13. It's on LJ there's a person wanting it right after me... if you'd like you can pretend to be me :graucho: and get it... but that's if I don't get the BV :p I'm still monopolyzing it until then

    I just looked at the other auction I wanted and there's a person who double bidded! NOOOOOO I hope the seller goes with me... I saw regular BVs in Citta already at $150 + shipping w/ a day left... Hopefully the seller gets back to me before another person bids :push: dern me and my indecisiveness
  14. aww i guess I posted too late but I would say to get the foresta since foresta is so hard to come by, especially in MM!
  15. yeah no kidding..i had to go great lengths to get mine :lol: