Which one should I get? Wallet or wristlet?

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Wallet, wristlet or neither?

  1. Wallet

  2. Wristlet

  3. Neither, it's too crazy of a style, you will get sick of it

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I personally am not a fan, I don't like either...
  2. I don't care for the style either; but if you like it & the price is good, you should get what you want.
  3. I'd prefer the wristlet, but it'd depend on what you were wanting to carry? I'm partial to the wristlets because I can usually carry my phones, mini skinny, etc...
  4. Honestly it depends on what you personally need. I hardly use wristlets so I am partial to the wallet, but like I said, that's how it fits into my lifestyle. Yes, the wristlet is cheaper, but I would never use it.
  5. ^ I use wristlets instead of wallets sometimes. Because they are usually much cheaper, and you can still carry all your cash & cards in it (just not compartments for everything)
  6. I use my wristlets as wallets for the same reason listed above - my Blackberry and my cards will fit in them nicely, so that's what I would choose.
  7. I'd go with the wristlet.
  8. i am more of a wristlet fan
  9. I have to say personally I am not a fan...that being said if I "had" to chose I would pick wristlet Good luck :smile:
  10. I will not switch out wallets and so would go for wristlets myself. Will you switch out between wallets?
  11. ^ Oh yeah, I switch out wallets with my bags. I have some wallets that will go with several bags... but I assess the situation on a daily basis.
  12. I'd prefer the wallet over the wristlet.
    But, I'm not a fan of that patchwork.
    If you are, then by all means, go for it!
  13. I am not a fan of this style... My husband purchased it for me and I returned it but it is a unique bag... If you like it go for the wallet it is mor useful
  14. I would get more use out of the wallet myself, but I don't really use wristlets that much. Get the one you would get more use out of and don't let the price be the deciding factor.