Which one should I get? The bug has bitten!!

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  1. So, the bug has bitten me already. :graucho: I decided I need something to go with my new Speedy 30 Azur.

    Should I get an EPI Small Ring agenda in a blue color or the LVOE bandeau from the '07 collection? Would the white LVOE bandeau look good on this speedy (white on white)?

    How many of you put a scarf or bandeau on the outside of your bag (either in a knot or bow)? Do you have pictures? I would love to see.

    I truly appreciate any advise and photos!!! Thanks! :supacool:
  2. I do! I'll take some pics tonight and post them here :smile: They look lovely! :love:
  3. I don't have any pics cause i don't own this bandeau & don't put bandeau's on my bags, but i say def. get this. you can wear and use it many ways and it's beautiful!
  4. LVOE bandeau is favourite bandeaus of all time and still is :yes: ... go for it!
  5. I love tying scarfs on my bags..I think you should try it!
  6. between the two, i'd say agenda b/c is more functional :yes: LoVe bandeau is one of my favorite for the azur, i use it often.
  7. I vote for the agenda. Love the bandeau as well but, maybe you'd get more use from the agenda?
  8. would a mc scarf work with the damier thats what i was thinking but idk
  9. LVOE bandeau for sure!
  10. im not a scarf bag person, so I say go for the agenda!
  11. i think that a scarf on a bag really adds character and personalises the bag it so i feel that you should totally go for it!
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