which one should I get, suhali or MC?

  1. ok, I really wanted to get a LV bracelet, and I like the S-lock bracelet, which one should I get between the white suhali or the MC white one. Please tell me your opinions?
  2. suhali! there is soo much feel to it. suhali will be the one that is more worthwhile of the 2
  3. Mc....
  4. I have a white Mc s-lock and I love it. I love MC though. I also have the black Mc koala bracelet.
  5. White suhali!
  6. i say suhali. i have a muticolor koala bracelet and love it but now i really want a suhali. lol. i think 2008 is going to be the year of suhali! lord help me...lol.
  7. I think the suhali is Hotter! Easier to match and very classy. I like the MC too but it is funkier. So depends on what u want, classy or funky?
  8. Go with Suhali! I think with this on, it'll be more elegant!
  9. i'm after elegance anymore, which is why suhali gets my vote.
  10. suhali
  11. Another vote for suhali.....I wish they produced it in verone:heart:
  12. Suhali for a classic look, MC for a fun look.
  13. Suhali.
  14. Suhali.. I think it would match more outfits than MC..=) And the Leather is :heart:!!
  15. Suhali - love the leather.