Which one should I get? Red or Pink?

  1. I've been a Balenciaga girl for a while now but have been totally into to Chanel recently and need help on deciding which of these two to get:

    Bubblegum Pink(I think?) caviar E/W flap OR Red(?) caviar E/W flap?

    I was told the colour in the pictures might differ slightly than in real life so I asked for the colour code of the red just in case (still waiting for answer). How much is the retail for these btw? Oh and I already have a peach mini flap so what do you ladies think? Thank you!:love:
    celeb_celeb2line-img600x450-1114323695dsc00007.jpg celeb_celeb2line-img600x450-1114322921dsc00001.jpg
  2. Both are nice but I would pick red. I think it is a more classic color and you'll get more use out of it.
  3. I would pick red because it's somewhat pinkish too (i think)
  4. Red!
  5. Red color.. it will match w/ more things than the bubblegum pink.
  6. I love the red one! But the pink one is also really cute... Tough one... I would go for the red :heart:
  7. Strangely I am more attracted to the pink. I would normally pick red but this shade does not appeal to me, I prefer a true red and this one looks more tomato to me. Maybe it's the lighting?
  8. Both colors are great, but I think the red is tdf!
  9. Thank you! I think I'll go for the red since I have a pink/peach flap already, but will wait until I get the colour code to be sure it's red not hot pink:yes:
    I'm hoping it's just the lighting that it looks pinkish and that's it's actually an 05 red (one can always hope lol!)
  10. I'd go for the red too. It's a timeless color on a timeless bag!!!!
  11. I love both. But..maybe red is better choice.
  12. I'd say red but then again, I'm not really into pink.
  13. Red gets my vote. More classic IMO.
  14. percephonie: where did you manage to find both colors in the E/W?

    I have the pink color in the med. flap and its a beautiful pink, but every woman must have a red. I am saying this even as a pink obsessed person, the red is fabulous.
  15. Hi. :smile: I have the hot pink color in the medium (though this is not that, I have this pink in a bowler style), and if that's the '05 red, where on earth did you find it?! :nuts: :confused1: I just located one after two years of searching haha! Hmm.. if you are choosing between both, I think that the red might be more versatile, even though both are really pretty and personally, I'm not the type to buy a bag only if I will wear it to death. :yes: And I'm also a hardcore pink lover haha.