Which one should I get next?

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Which will it be....

  1. The Bottle Blonde all the way!

  2. The Sex Bomb is def. the better choice!

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  1. I'm torn between the Tano bottle bonde and the sex bomb. i want both but I shouldn't really be buying anything so I need some advice as o which one everyone thinks it the better/prettier/usable handbag. I may need to wait to make the purchase so I'm thinking it would be good to get as much advice as possible!! Thanks everyone.

    Bottle Blonde

    Sex Bomb

  2. I love the bomb, it is sexy!
  3. thanks- anyone else have thoughts they would share?
  4. Sex Bomb. Looks more functional and a bit bigger. Plus it's cute!
  5. Both bags are great- hard choice. sex bomb will probably hold more and looks more sporty. Bottle blonde can look more dressy, Its more tailored and smaller.
  6. I love the sex bomb!
  7. Ooh, I like them both, but I think my vote is for the Bottle Blonde because it looks like the handles are just a little bit longer...and therefore would be more comfortable.
  8. Thet are both really cute but I love the Bottle Blonde... I love everything about it... It's sassy but classy... and it looks like it would fit easily under your arm... JMO! :flowers:
  9. the bag is named the "sex bomb," you need to get it,asap!! hahah:p
  10. I really like the bottle blonde. I don't care much for the rings on the front of the sex bomb, but I think I'm in the minority on that.
  11. At first I was going to say the Bottle Blonde because I wasn't too crazy about the front pockets but then enlarged the pic and got a better look and the Sex Bomb gets my vote. The more I looked at it the better I liked it, it's different.
  12. bottle blonde for sure
  13. I like the sex bomb better.
  14. I have the Bottle Blonde. I purchased it a few months ago to use as my going out bag. Unfortunately I have not used it that much :sad:

    It's completely comfortable wearing it over the shoulder. It does have a lot of zippers and compartments and initially I was apprehensive since whenever I have a bag like that, I tend to forget where I have put things. However, the problem was easily solved; I put everything in just one of the sections! Perfect. On those rare nights I go out my my husband or my girlfriends, I don't carry a lot anyway.

    Alexandra was truly helpful in advising me on this bag purchase!

    The Sex Bomb also seems nice but I think the BB is a bit dressier but can also be casual.

    Happy Shopping!
  15. I really like both. I love the look of the bottle blonde but I think in the end it may be too small. It doeesn't look that small but I think it is more of a flat bag that wouldn't expand to hold all my stuff. I'm kind of a pack mule. How much does your bag hold JudieH?