Which one should i get? LV suhali or Chanel Cabas?

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Which would be my best christmas gift

  1. LV Lockit Suhali MM in Blanc

  2. Chanel Baby Cabas in White

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  1. Hello girls,

    I need all the help I can get and fast. I have a chance to get a white chanel cabas from Chanel in Hawaii but my heart is torn between the Baby Cabas and the LV suhali Lockit MM in Blanc.

    I am a true LV fan and have almost one bag from each line. I would like to mention that I have the LV suhali Le Talen in black and ohhhh how I love it. I am just a chanel baby and don't have lots of bags to mention. I only have the quilted 2.55 in beige, a lux bowler in black and a quilted jumbo in black.

    My hubby promised me a new bag this christmas and I just don't know which one to get.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated


    PS I attached pics of the bag for your reference. thanks

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  2. As much as I LOVE the Suhali, I'd choose the Chanel Cabas.
  3. For me, I don't like suhali so i will say Chanel..
  4. thanks swan, lee

    hope to get more feedback from you girls :smile:
  5. Lee, why would you choose the Cabas?:confused1:
  6. Chanel
  7. I like the louis vuitton.
  8. thanks girls keep the votes coming
  9. I prefer by far the LV, it will last longer I think!
  10. definitely the LV.

    The Chanel doesn't look like anything special.

    I hope I'm not offending anyone!
  11. Cabas, I have to have a shoulder bag and the Suhali is a little too structured for me.
    Whcih is weird because I only buy structured bags. . . I guess just not that structured.
  12. LV for me.
  13. thanks forum girls
    I will be deciding soon so please keep the votes coming.

    Thanks Swank, mh and catcat!

    I really value your opinions. So cast your votes
  14. the votes are really close I hope to get a landslide on one of the bags so I won't have to decide myself. LOL:P
  15. Cabas
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