which one should i get... first?

  1. ok, i like all three of these but i can only start with one... which one of these should i get first? :worried: i will be using this first LV as my work bag.

    - manhattan pm
    - popincourt haut
    - mono mini cabas mary kate in cherry

  2. Poppincourt haut.
  3. Poppincourt haut!
  4. pop haute! :smile:

  5. popincourt haut...i love this bag!
    then the manhattan pm and mary kate
  6. I'm really liking the Popincourt Haut. Be sure to post your decision!
  7. popincourt haut
    probably because i just ordered mine so that's all i'm thinking of now!
  8. thank you thank you! oh wow i guess popincourt haut is what i should go with as my first LV then LOL. i am interviewing for a job and want to get my first LV to celebrate if i get it (i have a good feeling about it ;) ). but i am in a dilemma as elux's free shipping ends on monday and i don't think i will hear by monday! does elux offer free shipping on a regular basis?
  9. Eluxury does usually offer free shipping several times a year. One around the Spring (which is the one just about ending) and one around the holidays (somewhere before Thanksgiving) and I believe one or two more right in between. So no sweat;)
  10. PH too!
  11. If the shipping is the only thing holding you back, just go ahead and get it. It's not that much really.
  12. hhmm....I might be in the minority here but I saw get the Manhattan PM. I have one and I looove it! It's classy and I don't see a lot of people w/ one. All your choices are classy and you won't go wrong w/ any of them. I just prefer the style and lines of the Manhattan. It holds a lot too but probably not as much as the PH.
  13. I'll say go with the manhattan PM. For some reason, that bag just screams "power" to me! :love:
  14. I like the Mahattan PM also.
  15. Manhattan PM vote right here.
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