Which one should I get first? Chloe or Balenciaga


Jul 27, 2009
I am having such a hard time choosing, that I've decided it is my mission to save and eventually buy all three bags. I just don't know which one to start with.

The three I want are:
1. Chloe Heloise Small Hobo in Navy blue or Ruby Red. I'm leaning towards navy.
2. Chloe Paraty in Rosewood, Tangerine, Moka, or Gray. I can't decide on a color, probably rosewood or moka.
3: Balenciaga Pom Pon in Black, Red, Gray, or Raisin. (classic or covered) I'm leaning towards black or red, but gray and raisin are growing on me.

I currently own 2 Chloe Paddingtons, black and mousse (greyish green), a Balenciaga black classic city and a green Sapin Day (classic). As you can see, not much color at this time.

Please help me decide! I couldn't figure out how to do a poll so I hope I get a lot of responses/opinions!



Mar 28, 2010
Surrounded by water
Balenciaga in raisin colour. Now it is spring time!

Sometimes, when I have to choose between two bags I think about if one of them is a temporary design or colour. Last year I fell in love with one Bbag and when I decided to buy it a few months later I went mad because the colour I wanted was no longer available.