which one should i get first (before store closing today)?

  1. Amarante French wallet or Pomme zippy wallet? I called LV store and they have both of them on hold for me...but now it's a difficult decision...:confused1::confused1:
  2. Amarante...so chic and classy!
  3. AMARANTE! for sure :yes:
  4. amarante french for sure!!
  5. french gets my vote.
  6. French purse gets my vote!
  7. im gonna be different and say zippy!
  8. The Amarante French is beautiful!
  9. Amarante
  10. Thank you all. Yes, i decided to pick up my first Amarante today. YEAAAAAAA :wlae:

    FYI, i asked the SA about price increase this Wednesday. They confirmed it, but she said it's only an increase of no more than 3%. That's pretty low compare to 8% that has been mentioned in few threads here. .
  11. Um.. I'm gonna go right against the grain here and say get an Amarante Zippy if there is such a creature. Is there? I love the Pomme Zippy, but love Amarante more; however, I still prefer Zippy to French. Is there such a thing as the Amarante Zippy?
  12. Love the amarante-I have the pochette wallet-looooooovvvvvee it!
    It was a tough choice b/t french and pochette, but the pochette won out for me.
    The color is TDF!
  13. I would take the pomme, such a nice color for summer!
  14. Pomme zippy is on my wish list. I just need to get one before the price increase. I agree...pomme color is just too gorgeous
  15. Oh this is hard. I love the color amarante but I like the zippy better... I think I'd go for the amarante though!