Which one should I get: 8 Knot Hobo or Expandable Tote?

  1. I get an employee discount so I need to decide which bag I should get: 8 Knot hobo in black or Expandable tote in black? Did anyone get either one yet? :flowers:
    8knotshobonotavailableaml5.jpg Blk Expandable Tote.jpg
  2. Expandable for me!:yes:
  3. i prefer the expandable tote. do you happen to have measurements for the expandable tote? thanks!
  4. love the expandable tote
  5. I love the Expandable tote! It is gorgeous in black, brown and red.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. The expandable. The 8 knot is rather awkward and bulky IMO. Even my SA wasn't pushing it.
  7. Definitely the Expandable. I am on the list and hopefully will get a call soon!
  8. Definitely the Expandable. It's a beauty! I thought I would like the Eight Knot bags a lot, but I found them a little awkward and clunky to wear. I do like the smaller Eight Knot more than the large tote I listed for at the trunk show. I didn't get it because there are too many other bags I love.
  9. :love: the Expandable!
  10. Expandable tote
  11. Definately expandable. ;) As someone else mentioned also, the SA at the chanel boutique I went to today was also not pushing the 8 knot hobo (I was loooking at it because it was a gorgeous grey). She said the opening of the bag is too small. I ended up choosing the expandable - and it was $100 less than the hobo!
  12. Another vote for the expandable!
  13. I vote for the expandable tote!
  14. Expandable tote
  15. Definately the expandable