Which one should I choose?


If you could only choose one...

  1. caramel 05

  2. teal

  3. anthracite

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. this is my current collection: bordeaux, magenta, lilac, gray, and ink...i was on purse ban, but bbags are just too darn addicting. i can't stay away :shocked:

    so, i could either get a good deal on an 05 color or save up for an 07. which should i choose and why?

    tia! :flowers:
  2. I say teal because you don't have any blues and it's one of the most gorgeous colors ever.
  3. I would say '05 Caramel since you don't have any brownish colors in your collection!
  4. :heart: I say save up for an 07-- you're bound to fall in love w/one of them! I'm looking forward to seeing the anthracite IRL myself... hope it is a great color!
  5. The caramel is a gorgeous color. If I had the spare dough sitting around, that's the one I would go for. Good luck!!!
  6. love the anthracite, that's my vote!
  7. I have the 05 caramel and I love the color! It is very neutral and goes with everything.
  8. teal
  9. Anthracite
  10. caramel '05 ! it's so darn pretty!
  11. Tough descison. They all sound great. :confused1:

    I voted for anthracite:yes: I haven't seen any in the flesh, but it was love at first swatch.
  12. I voted Caramel cuz it's such a yummy colour
    and if you can get a good deal you can get it NOW
    instead of saving and waiting.
    Immediate gratification !! :yes:
  13. Caramel !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. absolutely teal it will compliment your collection perfectly ! :yes:

  15. I agree with nataliam... ;) :yes: :love: voted for TEAL :heart: !!!