which one should i choose? taupe or citrine?

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which one should i choose? citrine or taupe?

  1. citrine

  2. taupe

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  1. This would be my first celine luggage. Which one should I choose?
    here is the pics



    Attached Files:

  2. Citrine :biggrin:
  3. Taupe:biggrin:
  4. Taupe :smile:
  5. omg, both are so cute!! get both!! jk well not realy but i would say Taupe. The other one is cute, but i'm afraid it would get dirty easily.
  6. Taupe
  7. Taupe would be a lot easier to match, can be used all year round and won't get dirty as easily.
  8. taupe i say!
  9. wow, it seems that taupe wins all votes up to now... thanks for everyone

    I really feel confused, i thought taupe should be a greyish color, but it is brownish lol, different from the phantom another tpfer posted
  10. Is it actually taupe on the tag or camel in smooth leather?
  11. I would go for the first one...taupe. I think it would go with more and can be worn year round.
  12. i havent got the purse yet, but should camel be a lighter color?
  13. taupe