which one should I choose for my 1st Chloe?

  1. To whom you Chloe expert, which one is my best choice for everyday wear. This is gonna be my 1st Chloe, I am so like both. But I know my budget, just one for now.:crybaby:

    Dark brown Edith Shopper or Nutmeg Edith Bowler

    I appreciate your any inputs. Thanks!
  2. No one gives the idea to me. I am so sad.:woohoo:
  3. Rachelina...

    Both bags are *so* incredibly different, you've asked a very hard question!!!

    My guess is, if this is your first *handbag* then I would go with the shopper... it's smaller and easier to carry around for everyday wear. If you want something more to really TOTE around you stuff with, i.e., for work, or play or for travel, then I'd go with with Edith bowler.

    I have the bowler, and it's quite large. Not something I'd like to tote around on a daily basis... but something I'd love to travel with, or bring my work-related files to the office with me.

    Soooo... with that said, it's something to keep in mind. What will you use your bag for?? Then we can better assess your question. :yes:
  4. I do like the shape of the Bowler better but as padparasha said it's a matter of what you intend to use it for ?!
  5. thank you for your opions, I just cancelled the edith bowler. I will keep the edith shopper as my first Chloe.:dothewave:

    I can't wait to see my new baby coming.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Excellent choice, you will love it! Please post pics when you get it! So excited for you!