Which one should I cave into before the increase?

Last puchase before increase...

  • Zippy wallet Vernis in rouge fauviste

  • Insolite wallet in blanc Corail leopard or pink interior

  • Mini pochette accessoires and mono eva

  • Totally PM in mono

  • Something else, possibly a combination of smaller needed items...not over $950 total

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Oct 31, 2006
Definitely a wallet, since it's been on your need/wishlist, maybe get one that will go with both speedies. Perhaps Pomme Vernis piece? Or maybe a key pochette -its one of the most versatile pieces you can ever own from LV:smile:


Oct 14, 2009
It is so hard to choose! The ones I listed in the poll are just some of what I want - they're the more attainable choices at this point since I just got the speedys. Not sure if this makes a difference, but does anyone who owns a woc use it as a full-time wallet? I hope it will so I don't have to have it as part of the last minute frenzy. Plus, the woc is pink patent, so technically can be my "pop" of color similar to vernis.


Feb 26, 2008
Voted for the wallet. Because

(a) the leopard interior will not always be available (as opposed to the other items. except maybe rouge fauviste).

(b) it will always make you smile when you pull it out of your bag

(c) even if you change to non-LV bags, you will always have a little bit of LV with you wherever you go.