Which One Should I Buy?

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  1. I am having trouble choosing between 3 different bags and would appreciate your help.
    I am looking for a smaller bag to carry my essential everyday items.
    The three bags that I am looking at are a Speedy, the Pochette Bosphore and the Olav PM.
    I like the idea of a shoulder bag, but everyone really seems to love the Speedy so what do you think?
    Oh, I am a woman if that makes a difference in your choice.
  2. if you dont have a speedy you must! i'ts such a iconic lv.
  3. Speedy
  4. speedy!
  5. Pochette Bosphore! it's nice and practical
  6. I vote Speedy
  7. Trust me, if you are a shoulder-bag type of girl you will probably not get your money's worth out of a speedy. "Everyone" does love the speedy but you should choose a bag based on what you like.
  8. Speedy!
  9. speedy :smile:
  10. speedy ! !:tup:
  11. No collection should be without a speedy :tup:
  12. I love the speedy!!
  13. Another vote for Speedy :heart:
  14. Another SPEEDY vote here as well.
  15. Speedy.