Which one should I buy for PCE?


Which one should I buy for PCE?

  1. Large Carly Khaki/Beet

  2. Large Signature Gallery Tote Khaki/Red

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  1. Which one of these two ladies? I am 29 and have two small kids. I do work but am on maternity leave at the minute. I am looking for something that I could use on a daily basis but I don't want it just to tote around the kid's stuff. I have enough bags for that. This one is totally for ME, ME, ME so I want something that is cute yet stylish. Which would you choose if you were me?
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  2. I have the large Carly--and I have 3 kids--the youngest is 3. Until recently I used a diapees and wipees case with my son but he's now potty trained. If you think you're going to be carrying around wipes/diaps/toys, etc--I'd def. go with the gallery tote--it's much larger and much more internally accessible than the Carly--and I LOVE my Carly! However, if you're looking for a YOU purse--go with the CARLY!!!!!! It's still big enough to throw a diap or two into without making it too stuffed and wonderful enough to walk around with only your things inside! Carly--the carly--I clicked on gallery tote but I changed my mind! LOL~ As I was typing I came to a different conclusion...LOL!

  3. Carly :smile:
    It's a bag for a woman that wants to pamper herself with style!
  4. If you are positive that this one is just for YOU and won't be used to haul around diapers and other kid necessities, then I voted for the Carly! I think either bag is awesome though, you can't go wrong!
  5. I voted for the Carly! I think it is a more fun bag for just you!
  6. I love the Carly and this is my pick, but both bags are cute!
  7. I agree with this about that if you don't need to carry diapers the Carly is nice. But the Gallery Tote is beautiful! I just order one and I saw it in the store before. The khaki/red is pink inside. Beautiful. I need to carry diapers and bottles so this one is perfect and have a zipper.
    The Carly is beautiful, I want to have one too but the only thing that don't make happy is that I see one everywhere! Always when I go out I see one. And I read that is a lot of fakes Carly everywhere too so this don't make me too excited about get one. I just don't want to go out and find next to me somebody walking with the same bag that I have. I am sure the Gallery is very common too but I am sure that not like the Carly!
  8. Since it's for you & not carrying around the kids stuff I'd go with the Carly :tup:

    I do love both bags though!
  9. My vote goes to Carly!!!!! She's just a STUNNING bag...in ANY color!!!!!!
  10. Carly!!! :yes:
  11. Yes, if the bag is for YOU, then make it the Carly. I haven't been so fond of this bag because it is SO popular. Everyone and their sister loves the Carly. The hype is unbelievable.

    And then I saw one being carried. It really IS a gorgeous bag. I am actually considering one for myself, and I NEVER thought I'd say that!
  12. I love the Gallery Tote! I've tried to like Carly, but it's just not as comfortable on my shoulder. I've tried it multiple times in the boutique, and it's just not for me. Can you try them both out in the store? I love the Gallery Tote because it's fine for just my stuff, but I can also put a diaper pad with diapers and wipes in it when I'm running quick errands with my daughter and don't want to carry a diaper bag. In fact, I love it so much that I'm adding one in black leather to my collection for December PCE! (I already have it in chocolate sig) I have to say that I have never gotten as many compliments on a bag as I get about my chocolate sig gallery tote.
  13. I like the Carly, however i wish the large size wasn't so big.