Which one should go?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    During this time I need to sell some bags for money. Which one do you think should go?
    Luggage nano in black & white or dark navy.

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  2. I would keep the navy.
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  3. Keep the navy.
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  4. I'd keep the navy one too.
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  5. I’d keep the navy. But since you said you need to sell for money, the navy might sell more in value and faster. Just a thought
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  6. I also would keep the navy.
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  7. I agree with everyone else, keep the navy.
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  8. Thank you so much for your answer. I would keep the navy then.
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  9. Navy. I’m not sure why, but the other reminds me of a whale or a penguin
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  10. Another vote to keep the navy. It’s a more timeless color. I also just sold a tricolor micro luggage and kept a nano in souris
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  11. As everyone says, keep the navy : timeless and more elegant !
  12. Keep the navy!