Which one should go first-Makeup primer or Sunscreen?

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    I have not used a makeup primer before, but I heard a lot of great things about it, so I bought one from Lorac during Sephora F&F.
    And now I am confusing whether I should apply a makeup primer before sunscreen or after sunscreen... Any advice? TIA!!!

    BTW, I bought Lorac aquaprime oil free makeup primer and am using Murad oil free sunscreen.
  2. Sunscreen first. The easiest thing is to use a moisturizer with SPF (I recommend DDF's Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew with SPF 15 :yes: )
  3. Actually, the Lorac primer, aquaprime is more like a serum. I mean it's a primer, but it's a serum consistency so you would put it on before the sunscreen. Usually you do put your skincare on first but not in this case. Always go thinnest consistency to thickest.
  4. Thanks amiekbs8 and trishakemi for information!
    I think I am still kind of confusing, but I guess mostly primer needs to go after sunscreen, but Lorac needs to go before sunscreen?
    I am using a moisturizer with SPF now, so I guess I may skip sunscreen sometimes(sunscreen is really important especially in California...too sunny!) to see how it works. Thanks!!
  5. What is the SPF on your sunscreen and the SPF in your moisturizer? My derm told me that the average person doesn't need more than SPF 15, I even asked what about when I go running, and she just told me unless my runs are 6-7 hours (ha! I once did 90 minutes and almost died), SPF 15 is fine.
  6. Good question!!! I really want a primer but I already have such a long list of things to put on.
    1.proactiv wash
    2.proactiv toner
    3.proactiv moisturizer
    4.kiehls spf 15 moisturizer
    5.neutrogena face sunscreen 70 ( i reallllly don't want wrinkles!!!)

  7. I've heard that too...but on a workday I definately spend 8 hours outside.
  8. From your routine, I would say the kiehls is unnecessary, you're already moisturizing with the proactiv and the sunscreen is giving you the spf. You could potentially mix the sunscreen with your proactiv moisturizer to make it one lump substance your skin absorbs and then go for the primer.

    I do:
    cetaphil cleanser
    DDF aloe toner
    DDF ultra lite moisturizing dew SPF 15
    MUFE Primer
    MUFE Foundation then conceal what I need to
    powder to set

    All of this happiness takes about 15 minutes with drying time included. It's not awful, I get dressed while I dry. :yes: