Which one should be my very first ever Bbag?


Truffle First or Tabac City?

  1. '07 Truffle First

  2. '07 Tabac City

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  1. Hi girls.. need your opinions on this. I'd like to 'adopt' a Bbag that goes with dark jeans, plus casual/ funky/ vintagey feel. I'd LOVE to get the City in Truffle (inspired by aaallabama :drool:) but it's sold out on diabro and everywhere that I've checked (have to buy online as I'm not in the US and prefer brand new)

    The prices for both are pretty similar too;
    Truffle First : $868
    Tabac City : $955

    I don't know if First would be too small? I'm 27, 5'4" tall, average build, and would probably use it for everyday.

    TIA for sharing your thoughts :heart:
    truffle First.jpg tabac City.jpg
  2. My first Balenciaga was a first, but I ended up selling it because it was too small for me. The city is the perfect size for an everyday bag :yes:
  3. I would go w/ the Tabac City... based on the size.. not too small, not to big. This seasons leather is awesome too. The Tabac leather has been consistently plush & squishy....Hope that helps a lil, keep us posted on your progress~! :wlae:
  4. I would go with the Tabac city. I think that the city is perfect size for an everyday bag. I never realized how much smaller the first really was until I saw it in person.
  5. The City for sure! :tup:
  6. The City is a much better size, but I love, love, love my truffle. It's truely the perfect color. Good luck and post what you get.
  7. Yeah, I thought City would be better, too. Total agree that truffle is the perfect colour!!!! I'll keep trying truffle city on eBay for now.. would you happen to wanna sell yours? hehhee.. kidding! if I can't find it within this month, I'm gonna go with Tabac!
  8. Tabac/sienna city all the way for me! but my friend has the truffle city GH and it is truely versatile! either color in CITY will be great as your first Bbag!