which one shall i keep.....

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  1. hi ladies

    im in a bit of a dilemma, due to needing to save some money, i need to get rid of my beloved chloe collection but want to keep one,
    which one shall i keep?

    my jeans moyen paddington
    my metalic aubergine paddington
    my chocolate paddington
    my 05 tan paddington
  2. Oh thats a hard one. Whats your favourite?
  3. i really dont know!
    i love the all!!
    i wanted a jeans moyen for like ever and finally got it and to be honest havent used it as much as i thought! i dont know if thats because its more of a summery colour and it just has not been sunny enough! that one is in new condition so may sale better???
    the 05 tan has beautiful leather but has been well used goes with quite alot and a great colour.
    the chocolate goes with everything a great colour for winter and the greyer days!
    the aubergine was my little bargin bag, has signs of wear but is still beautiful!!!!!

    so i really dont know!!!!
  4. Well with summer coming(hopefully). I say keep the jeans moyen.:heart: You will easily sell the others on ebay.;)
  5. Going on your own words ~ IT appears that the chocolate one may be the best one for you ~ but for me, It would be jeans moyen!! I have one and even though I won't use it much through the winter, I will certainly make up for that in the summer! I have just sold a chocolate and a muscade paddy ~ but the jeans moyen is a keeper!

    Hope this helps :heart:
  6. Such a hard decsion!! Keep the chocolate and tan, they are classics and go with most outfits!!

  7. Chocolate would be my choice :yes:
  8. Oh my...decisions, decisions...
    I think most will say to keep the chocolate paddy...
    But I do love the aubergine metallic..
  9. I'd
  10. sorry, i'd go for the choco/tann paddy, easy to wear anytime!
  11. id keep the metallic rare and therefore more collectable it is my favourite of yours:love:
  12. i think the jeans moyen is a kepper, especially with the summer comming =)
  13. oh dear ladies i dont know.

    the tans going i think so far!
  14. We should rephrase the original post....to WHICH ONE OF MY PADDIES SHOULD i SELL FIRST?
    That would be easier to choose and more on a positive note...like the glass is half full vs half empty...
    I think you should sell your tan paddy first....
    I hope that helps....
  15. yes i should rephrase the question i think

    so my 05 tans going!!!!!

    its a beautiful bag, ive loved it so much i bought it second hand and i think now it needs to go to a new home!!!!