Which One(s) should I take??

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I'm heading to LA/San Francisco for 10 days tomorrow and was wondering which of my purses to take with me...any suggestions?

    Here is a pic of all my selections.
    In case you can't tell, I have a black silverado, metallic bleu nuit front pocket paddington, muscade python silverado, black chain betty, bronze horse hair muse, damier azur speedy 30, red paddington hobo and a red balenciaga city. (I am selling my tan front pocket paddy)

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  2. I would definitely bring the red Balenciaga. The style of the bag is really versatile and you can pair red with anything. I don't think you would even need to bring another bag, but my second choice would be either the tan Paddy or the Azure Speedy. Third choice would be one of the black bags (silverado?).

    I would try to limit it to 2 bags, 3 max. But I really think you could get away with just the red B-bag...

    Great collection btw :nuts:
  3. Oh my God, they're all lovely..

    I shouldn't really give advice, as I have no idea what the weather is like in San Francisco in November, but if it's still quite warm, I wouldn't leave without that LV Azur and that red City is gorgeous..maybe something more neutral as well if you can take a third...
  4. def. the red city and the damier azur.
  5. my vote goes to damier azur too :smile:
  6. I'll buck the trend...take the bronze Muse.
  7. i think your collection is all good.. it depends upon your clothes what bag can you pair with your out fit...
  8. totally depends on your clothing
  9. Thanks for your suggestions..I guess I have a lot of black/grey clothing that I am taking with me...

  10. red balenciagia will POP!:nuts: