Which one? Please help me decide!

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Which one would be best as an everyday bag?

  1. Large Op Art in Sand

  2. Ikat Op Art in Sand/Gold

  3. Large Patent Camel

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So I havent been posted here in a while cause I've been off exploring other brands. Bought my first Louis in May, my first Gucci in June, and my first Burberry this month.
    Now I'm looking back into Coach again and I need help deciding between these 3:

    1. Large Op Art Sabrina in Light Khaki/Sand (looks a lot cuter IRL than in the stock pics)

    2. Large Ikat Op Art Sabrina in Light Khaki/Gold (same goes for this one. a lot cuter IRL than in the stock pics)

    3. Large Patent Sabrina in Camel

    Which one do you think would be best as an EVERYDAY bag?

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  2. Large patent camel. I think the others I would worry too much about getting dirty. Plus I like the patent leather with the chain strap the best. So beautiful!
  3. I voted the op art because I think the sig print is really cute out of all the options. But then again patent might be more practical because it is more sturdy and won't get dirty as easily. All three are nice and I love the sabrina!
  4. Large Camel
  5. Large patent camel Sabrina is gorgeous.
  6. Congratulations on your other purse purchases. :yahoo: My pick for your next purse is the Large Camel Patent Sabrina. :love: The Camel Patent Sabrina is one of my favorite colors for this purse.
  7. I'm going to pick the camel patent!
  8. The ikat's are just gorgeous irl! My sons gf has one and I absolutely love it. The canvas is very unique and I love that it has the leather base. So that gets my vote, followed by the patent.
  9. I bought the small patent camel the other day and have NEVER been soo in love with a bag before. I am crazy about the patent; it's gorgeous and so care-free. I love the large and wanted it, but I am tiny so I thought it might look silly on me. I garentee you will be as in love with the patent camel as I am!! Congrats on whatever you choose. :smile:
  10. absolutely camel patent leather!
    i find it good enough to carry to work under rain or shine!
  11. large patent camel
  12. Large Camel
  13. Large Patent Camel for sure!
  14. Haha okay I guess I'm going to get the large camel patent! Now I just have to wait for the next PCE :biggrin: