which one part two

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  1. Ok so after much and im talking much deliberation,I,clicked the purchase
    button and ordered the bloomsburry pm :yahoo:I just thought it was a little cuter than the nf plus,more detail...tell me ladies that i made the right decision lol.
  2. I think it is super cute and am considering one for myself. Congrats!!!:biggrin:
  3. I love the bloomsburry, good choice!
  4. i think you made a great choice! Congrats! i cant wait to see your reveal! :biggrin:
  5. Perfect choice~!!!!!!!
  6. can't wait to see your reveal! :nuts:
  7. Perfect choice, Congrats!
  8. Great choice, can't wait for the reveal!!
  9. I am not a NF fan and love the look of the Bloomsbury! Congratulations!
  10. Thanks ladies,I will reveal as soon as it gets here.:biggrin:
  11. congrats!! can't wait to see!
  12. That bag is on my wish list. Crossbody bags are the IN thing right now.
  13. greta chocice...
  14. Great choice!
  15. definitely the right choice, I use mine all the time.