Which one/ones you suggest?

  1. I love the new Chelsea accesories. Which one/ones would you suggest? The multi.function wallet, the zip wallet, mini skinny , and/or wristlet. The large wallet is too big for me.
  2. The wristlet is really cute...if nothing else definitely get that!!
  3. the wristlet and the mini skinny -

    that wristlet is beautiful and big enough to carry alone, or with the skinny mini inside :smile:
  4. i LOVE my wristlet!!! Get that! :smile:
  5. Wristlet in signature
  6. love wristlet in sig or leather.
  7. Leather Wristlet - maybe the mini to go inside.
  8. I think the printed python wristlet looks super chic. I don't even like snakeskin stuff and I like the look of that.