Which one of your LVs gets you the most compliments/appreciation?

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  1. from others that is?
  2. My black MC Trouville gets the most compliments and remarks. I wasn't crazy about the black MC, but now I love it and use it constantly!
  3. my sonatine. probably b/c it's not very popular and has a really elegant shape
  4. cerises speedy and mc white speedy
  5. My blue Epi Noe and Mandarin Soufflot.
  6. Oskar Waltz :wlae:
  7. white mc speedy
  8. When I tell people it's LV, my Vanilla Jasmin.

    Otherwise, I haven't received any compliments yet...probably because a lot of people here don't even know what's LV!! (*well the people I'm around at least*)
  9. My Mizi. Someone called me up to ask if I'd sell my Mizi which I was wearing earlier.
  10. Luco
  11. My Perfo Fuschia Speedy 30 over my white MC Fringe. Friends tell me they like it better than the Fringe and strangers all notice it much more than the Fringe!
  12. Leopard Adele :yahoo:
  13. Shopping Sac.
  14. My red epi pont neuf - although to be honest, most people don't even know it's LV:yes:
  15. My white MC trouville