Which one of your bags do you love most?

  1. Which bag out of your whole closet do you love most? And would literally die without? Post a pic of it.
    And no cheating!!!! ONLY ONE!

    This is the bag I love to death:

    My dior romantique...
    (When I buy my white chanel flap i will have to change my mind)
  2. Oh God...I wish I could answer this....but I can't! It makes my head spin just trying to pick one. Better luck to the rest of you ladies on this one...I can't commit to only one....:crybaby:
  3. lol just pick ONE! off the top of your head?? cmon!
  4. FYI... there is a thread about this already if you do a search.
  5. really?? oh i didnt know i thought i was first
  6. Ok, I will say my Navy Patent Reissue...but my other Chanels are going to hate me now....:crybaby:...they are like children...can't pick just one....oh, the guilt.
  7. Mine right now would be my cream lambskin flap with the new chain........oh and the dark gold reissue 226.
  8. This bag has a lot of WOW factor for me! Of course, I should be getting a new one tomorow and that may change! Im really enjoying the navy blue patent 227 though!
  9. ^^^ gorgeous!! :heart: Can't wait to see what's new coming your way!
  10. cant answer this either i just love all of my bags
  11. You have a dark gold reissue? have we seen pics?:nuts:
  12. :busted I was finally able to get my hands on a dark silver (oooops, I said gold before- it's dark silver) and omg! I love it!!! I bought three bags in three days. My last one will be here tomorrow from NY Chanel. Will post pics soon.

    I have a feeling you might have some bags that haven't been posted yet? Fess up!
  13. Can I choose this photo?! Hehe!


    Just kiddin'!

    This one is:


  14. LOL. I do I do.... LOL:yahoo:
    I was trying to wait for them all to arrive but I'm getting antsy and want to take pics.

    I will soon!!
  15. I can't pick one of ALL of my bags...so I decided out of my Chanels this one is my favorite: