Which one of these should I purchase


Aug 16, 2011
UK Nottingham

Hey everyone!
I'm looking for a smallish but not too small bag. I saw the Saint Laurent sunset bag and thought it was so pretty!

Initially I was going to get the Valentino but have been hesitant buying this because I have heard the smooth leather is prone to stitches.

I have been looking for an alternative bag for a while but I can't seem to find anything I have fallen in love with.
I did like the Louis Vuitton crossitte bag in Daimer ebene but that is too small.

I also was considering the Gucci bag maramot but I don't know if this is too trendy as Gucci seems to be the in brand at the moment.

Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance :smile:



New Member
Dec 1, 2015
I'm in the same boat! I want a smallish bag and I am considering either a YSL or a Gucci. The Gucci one is beautiful but I'm not sure if it's too trendy...