which one of these paddys should I pick? please help!! O.O

  1. hi ladies, I need your help again!:graucho: :love:

    I'm currently on the search of my very first chloe: i've decided on the mini/baby paddy.

    however, which color should I pick??:confused1:

    1) mais mais mini paddy.jpg

    2) 2007 blanc /true white
    new white mini paddy.jpg
    (i'm afraid that it would get dirty easily though :push: )

    3) 2007 black with brown lock
    new black mini paddy.jpg

    :rolleyes: please help!!:heart: :heart:
  2. I wouldn't get the brown lock, saw it IRL and really think it's not that nice, true white is a bid "chalkish" but rather a versatile summerbag, mais is nice and a summerbag as well...It all depends on your wardrobe etc...
  3. I'd go for 1). Gorgeous colour. It's not black or white so it's more versatile.
  4. I love the mais!! Last year's jaune was glorious!!
  5. The mais for me. More subtlety and style. :yes:
  6. Another vote for mais!

    I have the mini paddy in anthracite and I love it! :heart: :heart:
  7. i actually like the black.
  8. I vote Mais but am biased as I am really not a white bag girl, agree w/ the above post I am not loving the dark lock. The Mais is lovely and summery and IMO would look nicer longer than the stark white (but again, see bias above!) Good luck choosing! :yes:
  9. I vote Mais as well. The white is just well, too white, and the black just misses for me. The Mais is neutral enough to go with everything so I think that is a great investment!
  10. The mais is very pretty....
  11. Definitley the Mais!
  12. MAIS! I find that the white/blanc looks like "painted" on leather.
  13. what about the mais 2007 compared to the ivory in 2006?

    which one would you pick?
    i just saw an ivory 2006 today..and it is also very cute! the dilemmas~;) ;)
  14. Mais.
  15. Mais - a great versatile colour :yes: