Which One Of These Is The True Aquamarine?...

  1. So with all the excitement about the arrival of the collection colors, I've been seeing lots of pics of the aquamarine. I haven't seen one IRL yet so
    I'm wondering...

    for those of you who've seen the Aquamarine...which one these pics come closest to the true color...1, 2, or 3???

    1. PIC from BalNY:


    2. PIC from pf'er


    3. PIC from Ateliernaff (2nd from left)

  2. yeah...i'm also curious...if it looks more like pic 2&3, then it's pretty much the same as BI. In tht case, i'd rather not take it unless i can sell my BI to fund for aqua.

    Btw, if it's just like first pic, tht is so gorgeous and quite different from BI...i would be thrilled to get one...
  3. Pic #1 is unbelievably georgeous!
    I see trouble ahead if that is the accurate photo!
  4. I would say that the color of my Aquamarine is closest to picture #2.

    Hope this helps! ;) I took a leap of faith and just ordered it without seeing IRL, but I :heart: it!!

    Pic #1 seems too blue, Pic #3 seems too light or not vibrant enough.... This is compared to the one that I have, so I'm not sure what variences are out there.
  5. Does Balenciaga have that much variation in their dye lots? The reason I ask is because someone recently posted a pic of their new Rouge VIF and the color looks a lot more pink. Other bags of that same color always look more orangey red (atleast to me they do).
  6. My day bag, which I posted, was IRL somewhere in between #1 and #2. It was a deep, rich vibrant color, brighter than '05 Teal but not as bright or grabbing a color as '05 Turquoise, or Magenta (not they they are similar colors). Sometimes photos make it look like a bit darker Blue India, but I think that is an inaccurate portrayal of the color.
  7. I took photo #2, which I think is fairly accurate. I am curious about #1, whether the color looks like that IRL. I also wonder about colors looking different with gold hardware (e.g., cafe looks warmer to me with the gold hardware than without). I'd like to see a photo of aquamarine with regular hardware from the new lot.
  8. ^ That's true, because chris and I have bags from the same lot (I believe?)... so the leather could be slightly different on this one...

    Also... Chris has a good point... the gold hardware tends to make the colors look different... that could be part of it...

    The color in picture one is gorgeous though!!
  9. I think the difference in color could most possibly be due to the first bag being the GH..
    When I compare the Marine color, the bags with GH definitely had darker, richer color. I also saw some difference in the leather as well..
  10. I'm really hoping it's pic #1! Thanks for all the replies.
  11. I had the day but sent it back to exchange for a Twiggy. #1 was closest to the one that I had.
  12. is the twiggy out already in aqua?? I'm not living in the U.S. anymore but i really want a twiggy in the aqua please let me know when and where its available!! :shrugs:
  13. i hope aquamarine is closest or exactly like #1 when i see it IRL.
  14. I'd say closer to #1. Definitely not #3, just looks too pale to me.
  15. I did the same as Powderpuff, and sent back my Day to wait for a different bag. Both of ours were from the very first shipment that just showed up early at BNY. There were Days and maybe some other style. Maybe that accounts for our feeling the color was close to #1.